Each phase of the work is done before payment—

However you choose to pay, for the comfort and protection of my clients I DO NOT accept direct payments. To provide for the maximum confidence in every transaction, my clients pay me through an escrow account established through JPMorgan Chase Bank and administered by MARKER LAW MEDIATION, the Law Office of Travis R. Marker, PC. By so doing, clients are assured that the work is being done BEFORE I receive payment. It’s how I like to do business on the internet. It only makes sense to extend that same courtesy and assurance to others.  


Fees and Terms

Every project is a unique makeup of information, research, interviews, documentation, creativity and materials. In advance of a client spending the first dollar, I will carefully review each project, determine the associated costs and prepare a detailed proposal for the client’s consideration. The price I quote will be all inclusive. There are no hidden fees. You may pay the fees all in advance or select budget friendly terms. Cash, checks, wire transfers, credit/debit cards are all accepted.