A Guild Certified Ghostwriter with more than 100 books and counting...

I have helped  the nation’s top  executives in  some  of  the largest  and  most  important  organizations to chronicle their lives, promote their philosophies and share their experience. While I function as the writer, they are indeed the authors and thereafter are  recognized  as  the  ones  who  literally and  figuratively “Wrote  the  book  on  it!”  

“John took all of my prior writing and fleshed it to a beautiful final result. Thanks!” – E. Minyard


“After working on my book for 5 years I reached a point of frustration. I needed help. John and his team took all of my prior writing, spent time interviewing me, and then did a miraculous job in helping me to flesh out the final product!” – Edward Minyard, After Disaster

Now that she's gone, I can't  tell how happy we are that we had John help my wife tell her story. What a gift it has been 

— D Johnson

I wasn't sure how to write my book so that it would stand out in a competitive. John's experience and insights answered all my questions on that and more. I could not have done it without him — E Peterson

When my competition uses quotes from my book to persuade their clients, you know the book is well written. —  G Bailey