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# 1 New Release

Released October 17, 2019


   Unwelcome, unprepared-for change is always inconvenient. To make matters worse, the unavoidable need to start over is usually on the heels of disappointment, betrayal, abandonment or failure. It’s easy to get lost in the fog of coping with all of that, unsure as to what to do and how to do it in an effort to stop the bleeding and recover from the loss…whatever it is.

   As a ghostwriter, I have been introduced me to some of the finest, most successful individuals in the world. Much of their success is directly related to their ability to bounce back from difficult circumstances and begin again as often as necessary to prevail over any obstacle. In the moment when I was facing my own crisis, it was the stellar example and inspirational teachings of my clients that raised me up to meet and overcome that challenge.


   Reading Starting Over, Starting late or Both will calm the storm raging around you. It will guide you through the difficult currents and rocky shoals through which you’re navigating. You’ll come to understand what to do first, what to do second and how to proceed step by step based on time-honored principles used by the world’s most successful people. You’ll know in advance what the obstacles will be and how to overcome them as you implement these principled solutions. Reading a copy of Starting Over, Starting Late or Both will help you to make sense of your past, light the path of your present and help to instill legitimate hope for your future.


Success Explained...


In the Belief Blueprint, successful entrepreneur and belief expert, Spencer Pettit, uncovers the brilliantly simple step-by-step blueprint for building personal belief, the most important factor that determines your success.

Spencer empowers you to purposefully build belief in yourself and help others do the same. You will learn how to leverage your most powerful hopes and dreams into unbreakable confidence and results — and those results will change your life.

Why We Love It: 

  1. Teaches you the importance of learning from your failures.
  2. Helps you make a plan of action for achieving your goals.
  3. Encourages you to think deeply about what you want and why.